Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus is the third game in the Swords and Sandals series. People create characters from a variety of different races/characters, ranging from Human (man in the beginning when chosen, but switched to human when browsing character features or checking other races), skeletal, golem, yeti, floralisk, sagan blob, glamourzon and zombie. After you have created a character, you deposit skill points to 5 different slots, listed below:
85378 arena bosses 464

The bosses of SaS 3

  • Strength(increases melee damage and makes you a warrior if you invest more points on strength, This makes you more capable of using melee weapons)
  • Vitality(Increases your health and durability and makes you a tank if you invest more points on vitality, This allows you to survive longer in combat)
  • Charisma(increases your ability to taunt and makes you a bard if you invest more points on charisma. This allows you to use taunts more effectively in combat and you gain more damage when using instruments)
  • Intellect(increases your mana , mana regenaration and spell damage in magic spells and makes you a mage if you invest more points on intellect. This allows you to have more mana and use spells more frequently (not the cooldown, but that you have mana to use spells more often))
  • Agility(increases your walk range, jump range, speed and ranged damage and makes you a rogue if you invest more points on agility. This allows you to be more agile and deal more damage with ranged weapons.)

Plot: Edit

You are an arena gladiator that goes to battle in an arena. You shall meet different characters in the game, also some characters from the previous game like HeChaos (arena champion now shopkeeper for helmets, shields and capes) Fallen emperor Antares (final boss in SaS II: emperors reign) and The Fearful Prisoner (first gladiator combatant in SaS II: emperors reign). You have to defeat the arena champions while earning money to buy equipment to improve your gladiator.

Gameplay: Edit

The combat in this game is turn based, with you as the first to attack the enemy. There are a few different buttons on your toolbar below the battle arena with various choices, from moving, charging, taunting, or attacking your opponent. There is also a Blue halo or a Red trident at the far left side of the toolbar, depending on your alignment.

-The character human is first named man, but changes if you choose other races)

-You can only have one arena character at a time, if you wish to play as a new character, you have to remove your old character

-The free version is found on weebly, kongregate, and different game sites

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