Battle trance is a mode/condition which doubles the weapon attack damage in the battle in Swords and Sandals 3 Solo Ultratus and Swords and Sandals 3 Multiplae Ultratus.

Description Edit

It takes 10 amount to fill up the meter of the battle trance. When filled, any damage you inflict doubles! AND THE ATTACK ALWAYS HIT!!!

Battle trance attack bonus applies to melee weapons, ranged weapons and sound weapons.

It does NOT apply to taunt attack, alignment attack, magic attack(?).

How to fill up battle trance Edit

The meter of the battle trance can be filled up by 2 major ways, i.e. successfully striking your opponent and defensive stance.

Different types of attack adds different amount to the meter of the battle trance. Quick attack adds the least. Power attack adds the most. You have to strike successfully. Battle trance value is reduced if your opponent can dodge/parry/miss your weapon strike. However misses due to distance too far does not reduce the battle trance. Missed taunt does not reduce either.

Click on the defensive stance to have +20% defensive bonus of that round and +2 battle trance.

List of the effect of each action on battle trance:

  • Quick attack: +1 on you.
  • Normal attack: +2 on you, -2 on opponent.
  • Power attack: +4 on you, -4 on opponent.
  • Charge attack: +3 on you, -3 on opponent.
  • Chord (sound attack) +2 on you, -2 on opponent.
  • Any type of successful taunt: +2 on you.
  • Defensive stance: +2 on you.
  • Missed quick/normal/power/charge attack: -1 on me.
    • Missed attack due to distance too far: no effect.
    • Missed taunt: no effect

The following does NOT add anything to the meter:

  • Push / Grapple
  • Strum and solo (sound attack)
  • Magic attack
  • Alignment attack

Breaking battle trance mode Edit

Once started it lasts forever. The only way to stop it is to break it.

The following are able to break battle trance mode:

  • Normal attack
  • Charge attack
  • Power attack
  • Chord (sound attack) - Guaranteed to break it.
  • Taunt action: Breaking battle trance

The following CANNOT break battle trance mode:

  • Push / Grapple
  • Quick attack
  • Strum and solo (sound attack)
  • Magic attack
  • Alignment attack

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