Stylonius of Southport is a great gladiator who is really powerful and he has a son, Son of Stylonius.

He is also the 5th boss.

Stylonius has 106 armour 161 health 150 stamina


Height 6.8

Weight 279 lb

Level 11

Armour 106

Hitpoint 161

Endurance 65

Strenght 13

Agility 5

Attack 12

Defence 5

Vitality 12

Charisma 6

Stamina 5

Helmet : Helm of Ownage 16 defence

Breastplate : Myrmidon 28 defence

Shoulder guards : Retiarus 9 defence

Gauntlet : Retiarus 9 defence

Shield : Veteran 16 defence

Greaves : Retiarus 9 defence

Shin guards : Retiarus 9 defence

Boots : Myrmidon 10 defence

Weapon : Hammer of Ownage 25-100 bashing damage

Southport’s most beloved gladiator, Stylonius, is a hulking force who delights in crushing foes with the Hammer of Ownage. He laughed contempuously when asked if you would be a challenge.

Tremble child, for the moment of ownage is upon thee.

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