Sir Belgrave
Gender Male
Height 7'8
Weight 362 lb
Skin Color Light Yellow
Race Human
Level 42
Armour 930
Max Dmg 472
HP 1100
Strength 36
Agility 40
Attack 40
Defence 50
Vitality 34
Charisma 30
Stamina 25
Magicka 10
Helmet Rhykier Helm (210)
Breastplate Crusader (288)
Shoulderguards Crusader (144)
Gauntlets Crusader (90)
Greaves Crusader (54)
Shinguards Crusader (108)
Boots Crusader (36)
Shield None (0)
Item 1 Ghost Strike
Item 2 Whirlwind
Item 3 Boundless Energy
Item 5
Item 6
Melee Cutlas (20-400)
Enchantment Frost (267)
Ranged Reinforced Longbow (13-169)

Sir Belgrave is the 14th Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Duel Of Heroes.

Story Edit

Noble Sir Belgrave is one of Drakondier's finest knights and as yet undefeated in single combat. Honourable to a fault, he is also a philosopher and a great military commander.

Appearance Edit

Sir Belgrave is a moustached, black-haired man. He is fully equipped of Crusader armour, except the shield and helmet, and wields a cutlas but also a longbow.

In-Battle Edit

Statistics Edit


  • Good statistics on the whole
  • Great Defence
  • Good Vitality

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