Rogue is a Archetype in Swords and Sandals. This is an Archetype that Relies on Agility and a Title in Swords and Sandals III Solo and Multi Games and Class in Sword and Sandals 5 Online.

Made up Info

Cunning and Ruthless, The Rogue Is a Dangerous Criminal for there Notorious Acts of Theft and Murder. The Rogue is an Agile and Deadly Opponent, Capable of Sniping their Opponents from Afar or Backstabbing from Behind, These Cowards and Cheats are Capable of Dealing Damage from Melee or Ranged attacks, There Agility is Very High, Making them Difficult Opponents to kill due to High Movement Speed, Jumping and Dodging. There Weapons of Choice is Mainly Bows Blades or Guns Using Blades if necessary. Also they Wear Light Armor such as Cloth or Leather. here is this Build

Stats and Skills




Charisma :10



Sword Mastery=Knives

Ranged weapon Mastery=Bows

Gun Mastery=Guns

Dual Wield=Damaging Dealing

Critical Mastery=Critical hits

Acrobatics=Getting out of tight spots

Dodge Mastery=Avoiding Attacks

Mercantile=Haggle prices and make alot of cash

Forked Tongue=Manipulating the battlefield

Archaeology=keen eye for Valuables

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