Nine Cat Jack is the 4th boss of Swords and Sandals I.


Nine Cat Jack is a great pirate and he's lost his ship (and possibly his crew) in a storm.


Height 6.0

Weight 214 lb

Level 9

Armour 64

Hitpoints 147

Endurance 70

Strenght 8

Agility 8

Attack 2

Defence 7

Vitality 12

Charisma 4

Stamina 6

Helmet : Captain’s hat 15 defence

Breastplate : Militia 17 defence

Shoulder guards : Swashbuckler 8 defence

Gauntlet : Militia 6 defence

Shield : None

Greaves : Militia 6 defence

Shin guards : Militia 6 defence

Boots : Militia 6 defence

Weapon : Cat O’Nine Tails 20-90 bashing damage

Arena champion Nine Cat Jack lost his boat and his crew in a terrible storm many years ago. He still harbours bitter resentment at the world for his ill luck.

Avast matey. Ye’ve a flogging coming yer way.


  • Nine Cat Jack looks like the Captain from the introduction.

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