Maharaja Saeed
Gender Male
Height 6'6
Weight 215 lb
Skin Color Brown
Race Human
Level 30
Armour 549
Max Dmg 140 / 136
HP 780
Strength 15
Agility 23
Attack 25
Defence 36
Vitality 24
Charisma 13
Stamina 15
Magicka 11
Helmet Turban (150)
Breastplate Warlord (192)
Shoulderguards Warlord (96)
Gauntlets None (0)
Greaves Centurion (39)
Shinguards Swashbuckler (48)
Boots Warlord (24)
Shield None (0)
Item 1 Ghost Strike
Item 2 Max Stamina Vial
Item 3 Whirlwind
Item4 Whirlwind
Item 5 Max Health Potion
Item 6
Melee Contemplation (30-110)
Enchantment Poison (74)
Ranged Oak Longbow (11-121)
Enchantment Poison (41)

Maharaja Saeed is the 9th Champion in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Master's Court.

Story Edit

The Maharaja Saeed is a warlord from the lands of Taj Brandhir. He is deadly with the blade and is also a world reknowned chess grandmaster.

Appearance Edit

Maharaja Saeed is a moustached man who is mainly equipped of warlord armour. He wears a turban hat, wields a saber and a oak longbow.

In-Battle Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Great Agility
  • Good Defence
  • Good Armour
  • Good Magic

Disadvantages Edit

  • Middling Strength
  • Middling Stamina

Trivia Edit

  • Him and Marksman Dantus have the same ranged weapon.
    • The only differences are that he has his enchantment Poison weak on it while Marksman Dantus has Fire enchantment Medium on it.
  • He has the blade of Lord Talah'udin.
  • Its unknown how he has Lord Talah'udin.s Weapon
  • It is possible he either is Lord Talah'udin.s Ally or Master or he has bought or recovered his weapon somehow

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