Lord Talah'udin is the 6 boss

Lord Talah'udin has 85 armour 175 healt 200 stamina


Lord Talah'udin is the ruler of a large desert and he is the ancestor of Maharaja Saeed


Height 6.2

Weight 227 lb

Level 13

Armour 84

Hitpoint 175

Endurance 90

Strenght 9

Agility 10

Attack 9

Defence 10

Vitality 12

Charisma 15

Stamina 10

Helmet : Sultan helm 6 defence

Breastplate : Myrmidon 28 defence

Shoulder guards : Myrmidon 10 defence

Gauntlet : Legion 11 defence

Shield : None

Greaves : Legion 11 defence

Shin guards : Myrmidon 10 defence

Boots : Swashbuckler 8 defence

Weapon : Contemplation 30-110 slashing damage

The mysterious Lord Talah’udin, champion of the desert lands, lives with compassion but fights with a steel resolve and delivers swift and brutal justice to his enemies

You can not win, my friend. Take my advice, turn back. Do not throw your life away.

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