The Little Fat Kid is a student from Ghoul Academy and a store owner in SaS:3 and is later revealed to be the owner of Brandor in SaS:4

Little Fat Kid

The Little Fat Kid in Swords and Sandals 3.

In SaS:2 He is a spell

Trivia: Edit

  • In SaS: 3 When you enter to his shop; the "Little Fat Kid's Magic Shoppe, he will utter a random saying, fact or just a hilarious sentence. Always linked with food:
    • Schnitzel is the only German word i know(Schnitzel is a German stuffed pancake).
    • The tuckshop is the promised land(A tuck shop is a small, food-selling retailer).
    • A chicken pie in the hand is worth two in the bush.
    • Meatloaf is the rock on which i shall build my church
    • Santa gets angry when there are no cookies left for him.
    • Let me eat cake.
    • I'd follow Colonel Sanders into battle anyday.
    • If you feel full, persevere.
    • You can't belly laugh without a belly.
    • Pizza helps me concentrate at school.
    • The only maths i know is cow plus cheese plus pickle equals goodness.
    • Stealing lunches is a victimless crime.
    • How can a child laugh without chicken nuggets?
    • When i cry my tears taste like cola.
    • Tofu makes me sad.
    • When i grow up i shall live in a gingerbread house.
    • There is no sweeter sound than the crackling of pork.
    • I wish i was a chip off the old block.
    • An apple a day makes Jack a dull boy(A reference to the Shining).
    • Bacon makes my heart sing.
    • Sleep until you're hungry, eat util you're sleepy(The typo "util" is how it appears in the game, instead of until).
    • Pie charts make me hungry.
    • A burger and fries never lies.
    • There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
    • I feel hurty when i eat broccoli.
    • Only fat people can be jolly.
    • I just wish fast food could be faster.
    • I like my sushi deep fried(Sushi is usually eaten raw).
    • The only good dog is a hot dog.
    • Diet coke is for quitters.
    • Deep frying commands a deep respect.
    • Whether vegetable or fruit, the tomato is invariably a disappointment.
    • Icecream Sundae is the best day of the week.
    • He was a bold man who first swallowed an oyster.
    • Hamburguesa con queso is Spanish for hamburger with cheese.
    • You don't win friends with salad.
    • All the world's a bowl, and we are just chips within.
    • There is no more noble creature than the hot dog.
    • Jelly beans or no beans at all.
    • Thank god pigs can't fly.
    • Full fat milk and cheese helps me stay big boned.
    • I didn't fight my way to the top of the food chain to be a vegetarian.
    • I keep a strudel under my pillow for emergencies.
    • The double-cheeseburger was the best sequel ever.
    • All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.
    • Everyone deserves a second helping.
    • I dream in 31 flavours.
    • A salad bar is like a playground with no children.
    • Upsize or perish.
    • I catch the sushi train to school.
    • Only the heaviest child win the tug-of-war.
    • The inventor of soy milk has ensured himself a place in hell
    • Did you know: The cheeseburger is the eigth wonder of the world(8 is written as "eight").
    • Did you know: The food pyramid was invented by the Egyptians.
    • Did you know: It was an apple that banished Adam and Eve.
    • Did you know: In Japan, the sumo is revered.

Also, he aears in other game, named "Salad Dodger", which your objective is eat the junk food and avoid salad, and collect bags (powerups in the game) that can be good or bad, like Salad Storm.

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