HeChaos the Scourge
SaS HeChaos
Gender Male
Height 6'11
Weight 305 lb
Skin Color Light
Level 15
Armour 175
HP 245
Strength 15
Agility 18
Attack 8
Defence 6
Vitality 20
Charisma 20
Stamina 14
Weapon The Crystal Falchion (40-150)

HeChaos the Scourge is the 7th and last Champion in Swords and Sandals I: Gladiator.

Quote : I have made cities crumble and emperors cowl. How, fool, can you possibly defeat me ?

Story Edit

Finally, it has come to this. To become the most powerful arena champion, you must kill the insane tyrant HeChaos, Scourge of Eddengarth. He has never been defeated. He is one of the best arena champions in the entire Swords and Sandals franchise.

Appearance Edit

HeChaos is a moustached, red-haired man who wears a chaotic helmet, with a pinkish effect on the eyes area.

In-Battle Edit

Advantages Edit

  • Good statistics on the whole

Disadvantages Edit

  • Low Defence
  • Low Attack

|-| SaS 2 =

HeChaos the Scourge
Gender Male
Height 6'7
Weight 271 lb
Skin Color Light
Race Human
Level 37
Armour 974
Max Dmg 196
HP 830
Strength 23
Agility 23
Attack 23
Defence 30
Vitality 23
Charisma 23
Stamina 23
Magicka 23
Helmet Chaos Helm (185)
Breastplate Templar (256)
Shoulderguards Templar (128)
Gauntlets Templar (80)
Greaves Cavalier (51)
Shinguards Cavalier (102)
Boots Peasant (4)
Shield Knight (168)
Item 1 Teleport
Item 2 Regenerate
Item 3 Hell Fireball
Item4 Teleport
Item 5 Max Health Potion
Item 6
Melee The Crystal Falchion (40-150)
Enchantment Poison (150)

HeChaos is back in Swords and Sandals II: Emperor's Reign as the 12th Champion.

He is the final threat of the tournament: Imperial Open.

Story Edit

HeChaos the Scourge used to be the most powerful tyrant in the world until he was toppled in the last SaS tournament. He is now a prisoner, but plots his vengeance.

Appearance Edit

HeChaos always wears a chaotic helmet, and wields the same weapon.

In-Battle Edit

Statistics Edit

  • Good statistics on the whole

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the champions who doesn't really have disadvantages.
  • Like The Slave Driver, it's unknown how he was resurrected.
    • It's possible that this is to do with Emperor Antares.
    • It's also possible that HeChaos survived his injuries.
  • His helmet is blue instead of red.
  • He is less tall and less heavy.
  • He used to be the owner of Doomtrek until Antares defeated him in battle.
  • HeChaos is a recurring character :

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