Gladiator Max Kunst The Greatest is the best boss champion final etc of all swords and sandals games and is for the people most popular in Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus .

Swords And Sandals 3 Edit

Gladiator Max Kunst The Greatest is the 25th arena champion+best boss champion final etc, of swords and sandals 3.

the spells haves no effect he can't die and is not need to be killed bescause he can't die and he can be so strong that he killed you in 1 hit if you want a good result but keep in your mind you can't win from him he can't die.

Gladiator Max Kunst The Greatest has 99999 armor points, 99999 health and 99999 magicka

Story Edit

He can't die in all swords and sandals games you can fight him but he kill you in one hit. His story implies Gladiator Max Kunst The Greatest was born in a town and everyone in the city etc knew he was special when he was growing older he knew he know fighting is good and years later... he was the best.

Backstory Edit

He's unkillable and is the best you can fight him you not must kill him and not need you can choose to if you want to upgrade some of your stuff(you can't kill him)

Strategy Edit

Use spells Winter's Core, Molten Death, Thousand Cobras, Command, Hex, Voice Of The Gods, Collosus, Potions, Darkspells and all etc.All your things does not have effect.

Trivia Edit

He has all sort of weapons etc,

Armor: Helmet: Helmet of The Fallen Emperor Antares. Breastplate: Breastplate of HeChaos The Scourge. Shoulderguards: Shoulderguards of The Undead Great Beast. Boots: Boots of Bluescreen Death

Weapons: Primary Weapon: UltraChainsaw. Secondary Weapon: The Blade Of Emperor Antares.


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