Bo'sun Smythe is the 2nd boss

Bo'sun Smythe has 52 armour 63 health 140 stamina


Bo'sun Smythe is a pirate. He became a gladiator to buy a great ship.


Height 5.11

Weight 201 lb

Level 5

Armour 52

Hitpoint 63

Endurance 60

Strenght 7

Agility 7

Attack 5

Defence 3

Vitality 4

Charisma 3

Stamina 4

Helmet : Pirate Bandana 12 defence

Breastplate : Brigand 11 defence

Shoulder guards : Brigand 4 defence

Gauntlet : Cutpurse 3 defence

Shield : Militia 9 defence

Greaves : Brigand 4 defence

Shin guards : Brigand 4 defence

Boots : Rogue 5 defence

Weapon : The Scurvy Blade 10-30 slashing damage

Your efforts in the arena have caught the attention of a salty sea-dog by the name of Bo’sun Smythe, a long serving arena champion who reeks of rum and barnacles

I’ve not been sober in thrice and seven weeks !

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Swords and Sandals

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