Arena Champions In Swords and Sandals1Edit

1. Wolfgang of Shackleford

2.Bo'sun Smythe

3.The Slave Driver

4.Nine Cat Jack

5.Stylonius of Southporth

6.Lord Talah'udin

7.HeChaos the Scourge

Arena Champions In Swords and Sandals 2Edit

This is a list of the various bosses in the second installment of "Swords and Sandals."

1.John The Butcher

2.Evil Ninja

3.Son of Stylonius

4.Marksman Dantus

5.The Great Beast

6.Wizard Sagan

7.The Slave Driver


9.Maharaja Saeed


11.Daimyo Katsumodo

12.HeChaos the Scourge

13.Archfiend Zeerzabahl

14.Sir Belgrave

15.Bargle Yarg

16.Archangel Sandalphon

17.Evil (your name)

18. Emperor Antares

Arena Champions In Swords and Sandals 3 Edit

1.The Fearful Prisoner

2.Boarhide Trader Pigsus

3.Xanfar The Haunted

4.Obliterator 9000

5.Mr Omazing

6.The Yeti Project

7.Battlemaiden Anna


9.Sir Brian of May


11.The Boneslinger

12.Archfiend Coalbhaal

13.Bladetron v2.0

14.Mossocles The Venomous

15.Great Knight Gallantrus



18.Evil Ninja Redux

19.Magnificent Leopold

20.Father Painbringer

21.Bluescreen Death

22.The Undead Great Beast

23.Fallen Emperor Antares

24.Ultratus Omega

Arena Champions In Swords and Sandals 5 Edit

  1. Aergus the Deathwielder
  2. Incy Wincy
  3. kuylol
  1. Big Moo
  2. Scarab Tank
  3. Althar Zaxxas
  4. Kurgh the Flatulent
  5. Wolf of Gallowstones
  6. Aldrexis Yarg
  7. Giant Yugazoid
  8. Elyx the Harpy Queen
  9. Bull of Handoth
  10. Emperor Antares

Dungeon Bosses In Swords and Sandals 5 Edit

  1. Lord of Sorrow
  2. Lapis Devastatium
  3. Thangreal the Vigilant
  4. Solom Zerad